Daniel Tahoun


Women's Work & The Apocalypse, 2019

Curated + Produced by Nadia Tahoun // Music by Daniel Tahoun // Showcased in Detroit Art Week’s Young Curators New Ideas V

An immersive installation in collaboration with Jess Bass and Fafnir Adamites about what it means to make and sustain a home in loss, questioning what of domestic work will remain after societal systems have failed against earth’s retaliation. 

Set in a hotel room, both familiar and foreign, audiences enter into a new landscape in an environment that was known, now vanished and regrown. The room has become an abandoned cave of foliage, yet there seems to be something living in it. Indeed, parts of the hotel room have remained unchanged for years, but there is an apparent new life outside of nature’s revival and defiance. In the middle of the room hangs a clothing line with new fibers stretched like canvas. A slight breeze moves through the room, and the cloth sways. Everything else is still- as if the environment knows an audience is intruding. The space mimics an amphitheater; the cloth performs as if on a stage and the audience moves around the objects on view. Someone or something had just been here, donning the tapestries and laying them to dry in the heat. 

Images: Paul-David Rearick